Improving the connection between a man and his gun


What kind of grips do you make?

We make grips for all true 1911 style handguns. We don't make grips for any other style of gun.

Do you stock any finished grips?

We have just recently started selling finished grips. To view available finished grips, click on the "Products" link in the menu bar at the top of the page, then click on the "Finished grips for sale" category

How are your grips different than those made by other gripmakers?

There are many fine gripmakers producing quality products. We don't compare our grips to others, but our areas of focus are:

  • custom fit to each gun
  • clean lines, crisp corners and definitive facets
  • near flawless finishes done with multiple applications of hand rubbed oil
  • precision fit to the profile of various mag-guides
  • coral and mammoth tooth grips reinforced for shooting
  • outstanding service

If you appreciate fierce attention to detail, our grips are a great value.

What is the price range for your grips?

$350 and up for wood. Coral, mammoth ivory, mammoth tooth and stone are substantially more.